CTI and
PC Applications

OfficeServ Link and OfficeServ EasySet

OfficeServ Link is the core of Samsung's OfficeServ suite of CTI applications.

The OfficeServ Link application is a software application that links the SAMSUNG telephone system to a Windows based computer. The OfficeServ EasySet application is a management tool designed to give OfficeServ users a simple and friendly way to configure the features and button assignments of their SAMSUNG digital telephone.

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System Features

EasySet provides various features:

  • Station Lock
  • Change Password
  • Call Forward
  • Station Name
  • Call Logging
  • Button Programming
  • Speed Dial
  • Date Display
  • Alarm Reminder
  • Programmed Message
  • Send Message
  • Set Answer Mode
  • Change Volume Levels

Samsung OfficeServ EasySet Benefits:

  • Keyset Specific Layout
  • Per-System Licensing
  • Flexible Installation Options with Microsoft IIS
  • Web Browser Based Access (Microsoft Internet Explorer)

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